HHR FlowPak  •  A technological advancement in differential pressure flow metering.
Designed from the innovative velocity profiling technology of the FTI Translineal Flow Plate and the field proven performance of the HHR Flow Tube, the
HHR FlowPak consistently outperforms other flow measurement technologies in the most demanding flow environments.

HIGHEST ACCURACY / PROVEN PERFORMANCE  •  The HHR FlowPak delivers proven performance based on extensive laboratory and field testing.
ENERGY EFFICIENCY  •  The HHR FlowPak provides superior energy efficiency.
INSTALLATION VERSATILITY  •  The HHR FlowPak provides installation versatility in challenging situations. NO UPSTREAM PIPING REQUIREMENTS
RANGE OF APPLICATIONS  •  The HHR FlowPak is virtually unlimited in scope.
HHR-F FlowPak
HHR-W FlowPak
For more detailed information see our
HHR FlowPak brochure.
HHR FlowPak brochure

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